A boy rambles

in an anonymous journal

I'm an anonymous kid who likes films, music, and citrus. I'm a vegan, and something of a germophobe. I was once a Catholic but now I am an atheist.

I switch ideologies constantly. I have been: dadaist, surrealist, libertarian, communitarian, existentialist. I'm not quite sure what I am right now.

I would ultimately like to be a filmmaker.

I'm keeping everything in this journal anonymous, which includes changing every name. I know the power of Google, and I doubt my ability to be truly honest in the absence of total anonymity.

Adam: Friendly but shy guy. In love with Donna.
Albert: Charismatic, if thoughtless, actor.
Andy: Longtime friend. Bizarre sense of humor.
Austin: Weird and funny friend.
Bill: Capitalist internet-savvy friend.
Bridget: Hugh's softspoken girlfriend.
Charles: Actor friend. Very charismatic.
Chaz: Rude and thoughtless druggy friend.
Clarice: Close female friend. Witty and straightforward.
Demitri: Funny guy.
Clark: Longtime friend. Quiet but hilarious.
Donna: Good friend. Former object of affection. Mysterious.
Edie: Arty, fashionable friend.
Elizabeth: Witty and interesting longtime friend. Murphy's girlfriend.
Ericson: Friend of my sister's.
Erica: Thoughtful and funny longtime friend.
Ernest: Best friend. Good guy. Rocks hard.
Herr Friedrich: Hyper-intellectual german teacher.
George: Rude but well-meaning longtime friend.
Heather: Longtime friend from debate days.
Helena: Newer friend through Margaret. Very fond of me.
Henry: Major influence. Straightforward and careless.
Hugh: Charismatic but often annoying friend.
Hunter: Rude kid in calculus, but sort of a friend.
Ian: Music-savvy longtime friend.
Janet: Ex-girlfriend. Left me for another guy.
Janis: Older friend. Edgy and acerbic.
Jeremiah: Surprisingly indie jock friend.
Jesse: Cool friend from Speech.
Jessica: Friend.
Dr. John: Therapist. Softspoken and immensely helpful.
Judy: Ernest's girlfriend, and my longtime friend. A bit cruel.
Keith: Perceptive friend.
Kirk: Friendly, but occasionally a bastard.
Kurtz: Longtime friend. Acted in some of my movies. Outrageous and unpredictable.
Lara: Judy's best friend. Lives elsewhere.
Leah: Unreliable girl.
Leo: Adventuring buddy.
Lola: Longtime friend from German class.
Louisa: Friend by extension. Lives elsewhere. Good movie taste.
Lucy: Very unreliable and flirty friend.
Margaret: Close friend. I don't understand her. She recently committed to "be nicer to me."
Mars: Charismatic athlete friend.
Mary: Religious actress friend from German.
Meredith: Bitchy but hilarious friend.
Murphy: Sincere, intense guy. We've gotten friendlier lately. Elizabeth's boyfriend.
Natalie: Close friend. Complicated feelings for her are involved.
Robert: Charismatic libertarian friend.
Stevie: Easily offended friend with an ego.
Susie: Music-savvy friend.
Troy: Funny, music-quoting friend from Calculus.
William: Former best friend. Good guy, but egocentric.